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Final Bond Inspections Made Easy…

3 Dec 2015 Cannington 0 Comment

What would you say if your Property Manager said, “I can help you to pass that final inspection”?

It is true, we can advise you in advance of the things you may need to pay more attention to during  the end of lease cleaning process. This would assist you in the swift return of your bond.

A pre-final inspection does not cost you anything. We can guarantee this process could minimise the issues you may experience during the final bond process, it could also save you time and money.

We recommend you contact your Property Manager approximately one week prior to the final inspection date and arrange a time to meet them at the property. The condition of the property will then be discussed with you, and the Property Manager can assist you with the priority areas you may need to spend more time on during the cleaning process.

By doing this, you, as a Tenant are fully aware of the areas that your Property Manager will be assessing during the final inspection. With past experience, we know the areas that Tenants inadvertently miss out.

This process can save you time as you will not need to return to the property, post the final inspection, for more cleaning. This will also save you money as your Property Manager will not have to arrange professional cleaners.

If you would like to accept this free service, please contact your Property Manager to discuss arranging a pre-final inspection time.

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