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Iceberg Theory

12 Apr 2016 Cannington 0 Comment

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Iceberg theory.

Sometimes Tenants only see the most obvious consequences of their actions,  however the hidden consequences could become costly.

As property managers we always encourage tenants not to park on the front lawn.

A friendly verbal warning first, a written warning second and then a breach notice may be issued should no change occur, to refrain tenants from parking on the lawn.

Many tend to think that parking on the lawn will only result in breaking a few sprinkler heads which would only cost them $10.00 each to replace. However, tenants fail to see the hidden side of this action as it is not only the sprinkler heads that can be damaged.

In one recent situation, a tenant had was charged $475.00 to fix the front retic system which included 10 sprinkler heads, repair broken underground irrigation pipes in four different places and to replace a solenoid valve coil, as well as a major leak near the valve.

In this instance, these particular tenants had been breached a few times for parking on the front lawn, however these were ignored and the tenants continued to park on the front lawn. Their actions resulted in costing them large amount of money, also they were asked to apply lawn sand and fertilizer to the lawn to rectify the dead patches.

It is quite important for a Tenant to be mindful of the hidden consequences of their actions, otherwise it could end up in costing a large amount of unnecessary money and extra work.

written by: Ro De Silva – Property Manager

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