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22 Sep 2016 Cannington 0 Comment




Communication between Tenants and the Property Manager plays a major role when it comes to developing a good relationship. We can always let go of the negative experiences we may had in the past with a Property Manager and start all over again. It is not hard to realise that the most obvious reason for many issues between these two parties is poor communication.

If Tenants are having difficulties paying their rent on time it is not too hard to pick up the phone and call the Property Manager to make them aware of your situation rather than just not making the payment and thinking “it’s going to be all right”.

Lack of communication to your Property Manager when having issues paying your rent could result in the Tenant receiving a breach notice and in the worst case scenario a termination notice. Some tenants tend to think these notices are just a piece of paper that can be ignored, however these play a major role in approval or disapproval of finances, bank loans and even getting another rental property in the future.

Same rule applies for every other aspects of renting a property – If a tenant has been busy and unable to present the property to an acceptable manner for the next routine inspection, all it takes is to make phone call to your Property Manager and ask for an extension for the inspection date and communicate your reasons. In order to have a clear understanding on what is required of the Tenant at a rental inspection the Property Managers at BW Backhouse & Associates provide all their Tenants with a Recommended Cleaning List – this then gives the Tenants an understanding of what their Property Manager will be looking at when conducting a rental inspection.

Tenants need to understand that while they are entitled to quiet enjoyment, they must also remember that their Property Manager has to make sure the property is being looked after appropriately. If the Tenant is aware of any maintenance issues they must communicate with their Property Manager and notify them as soon as practicable, conversely the Owner has a responsibility to maintain the property.

A Property Managers aim is to have a harmonious relationship between both the Tenant and Owner.

So all it takes is to have the right concentration of mind which leads to right thoughts. In order to achieve this tight awareness is vital which can only be developed by proper communication and the knowledge about the procedures involved in renting a property. Once this is done becoming a good tenant is easy and the Property Manager will have no issues giving a good reference about a tenant to anyone who is interested.

All that we are is the result of all what we have thought – Buddha.

author Ro De Silva

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