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Keeping our gardens watered….and healthy

18 Nov 2016 Cannington 0 Comment



Preparing for Summer in the garden is only a few simple steps, which keeps our plants and lawns alive and makes watering quicker and most effective.

  1.  Add soil improver, this can be compost or manures.
  2. Apply Soil Wetta either by watering can or hose on pack
  3. Water in well
  4. If the soil is still not absorbing water, and water is running off, do the first three steps again until the soil is absorbing water.  Test by digging down 7-8 cm, soil should be wet.

This should be done a few times a year to keep the soil absorbing water, check every few months.

Once the soil is wet a layer of mulch can be applied to keep the soil from drying out.

Only water on your house numberes rostered watering days.

See the Water Corporation website to find out your rostered day.  Follow this link  MY WATERING DAY

Author Bernadette Havenstein –  Receptionist

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