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Upcycling!! what is it and how can you get started!

30 Mar 2017 Cannington 0 Comment


Beginners guide to Upcycling!!


The upcycling trend is here to stay. It’s sustainable, cost-friendly and it gives you an opportunity to get creative.   So, what are you waiting for? Get started with our back to basics guide to upcycling.

What is upcycling?

The term ‘upcycling’ means to take an existing, usually unused item and make it into something useful.

Where does the term come from?

The word ‘upcycle’ was first coined in 1994 by a rather forward thinking German man called Reiner Pilz who was interviewed by a journalist about the ruthless recycling occurring in Germany at the time.  Naturally most of us have seen this in our lives without realizing it had a name – think of your Granny cutting up old curtains to make a skirt.

How is upcycling different to recycling?

Recycling reduces the original product into a new form and uses that new form to create a new product. Such as newspaper which is pulped and then made into something else.

But Upcycling takes the original unreduced product and creates something useful, saving energy, water and landfill.  ie a seatbelt made into a handbag strap for example.  Plus the end product can have an unexpected style, and delight, appreciating the object in a new light.

antique legs  attach some antique legs to an old suitcase to make a cute storage unit for the end of your bed!

underbed storage Grab some dolly wheels from your local hardware shop & attach them on the bottom of some old drawers for under the bed storage solution.

peg boardAttach bulldogs clips to a weathered piece of drift wood for a gorgeous display for your child’s artwork.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, the possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination.



Source:  Carly Jacobs



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