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Back On Tax This Year – These hacks change the tax game…

29 Jun 2017 Cannington 0 Comment

tax hacks

Tax time is just around the corner and while most of us relate tax with STRESS… it turns out there is actually a surprising amount of things you might not know you can claim.


If you own a nice handbag or use a designer bag daily to carry your items and your laptop, this means it is actually doubling as a laptop bag.

Which means it is tax deductible.


Believe it or not, but if you own a dog that safeguards your small business site, you can put in claims for their food, vet bills and the cost to buy the pet.


If you’re currently studying on the side of your job and you can prove your course is improving your career or business, you can also claim education and training back on tax.


If you work outside most of the time, we would hope that you would be using sunscreen, sunglasses and SPF makeup.

These are also all items you can claim.

This literally changes the WHOLE tax game.

Source: hit 92.9


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